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A Look at the Best Predictors in Pitching

In Baseball and Machine Learning Part 1, I outlined the methodology I had used in March to build 2021 MLB hitting projections using a combination of regression and classification algorithms. Then I lied to you. Horribly. I promised the pitching side of my project in “a week or so.” Oops. I guess I should have included a confidence interval with that estimate. Here we are, nearly six weeks later, and I am finally delivering.

Since the year began, I have realized more and more how terrible a season this was to try to project. 2020 was the least normal year…

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Hands-on Tutorials

A Stat-by-stat Look at the Best Predictors and a Quest to Predict the Outliers

Sports world personalities love to bash analytics these days. It’s hard to go five minutes listening to baseball talk on sports radio without hearing someone make a derogatory comment about “the nerds taking over.” Ironically, they then immediately launch into sports betting ads, and guess what, folks…any time you place a bet because “the Giants always lose in Washington” or whatever, that’s a rudimentary form of analytics, minus the actual modeling. I’ve also noticed a prevalent opinion that advanced statistics and modeling will produce a single (read: boring) way of playing the game. If that happens, it is due to…

Never have we needed music more than in 2020. Never have we seen a tougher environment for new music. The constant assault of this year on our collective sanity has made it substantially tougher than normal to focus on and appreciate art. Now imagine how much harder it has been for creators to produce said art during the year. They have either had to block out all of their 2020 stressors in order to create anything or channel those stressors into their creations, all while knowing that touring — the musician’s main source of income in the backwards music industry…

John Pette

Data Scientist at NYU | Ex-U.S. Diplomat | Music Historian and Discographer | Armchair Sociologist | One-time Chemist. None of it makes sense to me either.

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